Meet Reginald T. Savage Woods, owner of Savage Woods Apparel.


"My life has been interesting to say the least. I started Savage Woods Apparel because I wanted to make something that exemplified what I stand for. I feel that you can be and do anything you want and need to in this life, as long as you stay dedicated, and are yourself. My name is Savage so,  I "Live Savage" everyday." 

Born and raised in Compton, Ca, Reginald was born to 2 parents, Reginald Woods Sr. and Winda Savage. Ms. Savage couldn't defeat her drug habits so Reggie Sr. got full custody of the young Savage. He grew up as a misfit, and also grew up lower middle class. He started to "fit in" and became popular in middle and high school and college as well. Simultaneously, the older he got, the more that life's struggles began to be his own problems. He attended West Los Angeles College and earned a football scholarship to HBCU, Tuskegee University. He graduated with his degree in Business Administration. He always knew he was going to be a fantastic entrepreneur and music artist, but he was young, so he didn't necessarily have the proper direction. 


After 5 years in corporate America, Reginald decided that he needed to create something that would be an extension of his brand, something that would not only be impactful to his audience of support, but also something that could lead him toward financial freedom in order to reach his life goals as an entrepreneur and music artist. From those thoughts, derived, Savage Woods Apparel, Est 06/2020.